2024-04-16 14:17:00

Certified Japanese Teachers - 10

Hi everyone,

How are you?

This is Masa.

How's your Japanese studying going?

First of all, thank you so much for joining us for the Pub Night in March
We hope you enjoyed it :)

Our next event will be held on Saturday the 27th of April. We are planning to have a short day trip to the city of Odawara. We will be visiting the castle and the fish market by the bay and have a barbecue with fresh seafood there.

These are the photos from our last trip to Odawara in 2019.
It was a lot of fun!

If a few people are interested in the idea, we will go ahead with it :)

Please contact either me at or Taito sensei at or on his Line to let us know if you are interested by Wednesday the 17th!

The photo is from Takashi Uematsu sensei and here is his introduction.

He teaches lessons with us both in person and online :)
He is also actively offering lessons on Discord. Outside our Discord community, he is popular with those who are studying JLPT Preparation, BJT Preparation and Business Japanese. If you want to work on your honorific Japanese or some practical Japanese that are required in the business scenes, please try his lesson :)

Looking forward to hearing from you!



2024-03-30 15:48:00

Thank you so much for joining us last night :)

Hi everyone,

How are you?

This is Masa.

Thank you so much for joining us for the Pub Night last night :)

We had fun! 

For the next event in April, we will be organising something else rather than a Pub Night. 

During the event last night, we came up with a few ideas. They include Walking tour in the National Diet Building, Walking tour with Taito sensei in the old downtown Tokyo, Monnzennnakachou, Cruising by Yakatabune in Tokyo Bay, Cooking class, Carp fishing in Iidabashi, and so on.

Does any of the above interest you? We are always open to suggestions :) 

To get in touch with us, please email Taito sensei at

Looking forward to seeing you!






2024-03-19 09:37:00

A quick heads up on our classroom in Shinjuku

Hi everyone,

How's your studying going?

Today, we would like to share with you an update regarding our classroom in Shinjuku.

We have been informed that the management company is soon refurbishing the 43 year old building where our classroom is located.

We have therefore decided to relocate ourselves to avoid the hustle and bustle :)

If you have your regular lessons at our current location, you have probably noticed that there are already constructions going on on both sides of the building and they are going to work on ours as well.

We have been using the classroom since the start of Asao project.
With lots of memories, we feel a little nostalgic letting it go but we believe this will bring us all a positive change in the end.

We'll let you know the details of our temporary and new locations individually by email.

This will not affect your regular and new lesson schedule :)

Looking forward to seeing you at the Pub Night!


2024-03-08 17:43:00

Cultural / Social Activity in March 2024 - Asao Pub Night

Hi everyone,

How are you?
How's your studying going?

I just wanted to give you a quick heads up on our monthly event :)

The next one, Asao Pub Night, is going to take place from 19:30 on Friday the 29th of March. It is a casual get together that welcomes Japanese learners and teachers.

We will have a chat to get to know each other a little over a drink or tea at a selected pub in the city :)

The venue we are considering at the moment is the following place in Mitsukoshimae

It's a shop as well as a restaurant that sells regional foods and products from Mie prefecture.

Ryo Takasugi san, the owner of Okumatsusaka visited the place after the Mochi Pounding event and he recommends it. The pricing is wonderful too!

Soon, Yuka sensei will be making an announcement confirming the details :)

Looking forward to seeing you!


2024-02-29 22:50:00

Certified Japanese Teachers - 9

Hi everyone,

How are you?

This is Masa :)

How's your studying going?

Today, I would like to share with you a couple of topics that we touched on during our monthly Top Teachers Meeting.

Are you having trouble with typing Japanese characters on your computer? When we Japanese write in Japanese on our laptop and desktop computer, we commonly use what we call ローマ字入力 (Roman Letter Input). We learn this in school.

We first select ひらがな in the language bar and then start typing.

For example, if we type, watashihakinouienikaerimasenndeshita, 昨日私は家に帰りませんでした。appears on our screen.

There are some ひらがな scattered around in a random order on our keyboard but we never use them. Since nobody seems to use かな入力 (Hiragana Input), we honestly do know why they are even there.

(When we write in Japanese on our smart phone and tablet, we use かな入力.)

We would also like you to check out the following website.

This is a popular website among Japanese elementary school children and their parents. We Japanese start learning ひらがな and 漢字 from the first grade (6 years old) in elementary school. We learn 1000 kanjis by the end of the first grade (13 years old) in junior high school. The following links take you to free downloadable kanji drills that cover them.

The site also teaches you how to type Japanese on computers :)

The photo is from Youko Kikuchi sensei and here is her introduction.

She is actively teaching both on Discord and at our classrooms in Shin-Yurigaoka and Shinjuku. She is skilled and well-experienced Japanese teacher who can teach a variety of types of lessons. She is very popular among adult and minor students. If you have chance, please try her lessons :)

That's it for today!



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