Private Japanese Lessons on Discord

One of our most important missions is to contribute to the over all improvement of Japanese Language Learning Industry.

To do that, we believe that we must continuously produce and increase the number of quality Japanese Teachers in the world.

We train Aspiring Japanese Teachers and they need a lot of teaching experience before they start teaching as Professional Japanese Teachers.

We have created a closed/private online community on Discord and Patreon that aims both to assist enthusiastic Japanese Language Learners and to fulfil the needs of Aspiring Japanese Teachers.

The idea is that,

For Japanese Language Learners, we would like to offer more opportunities to practice their Japanese at affordable prices.

For Aspiring Japanese Teachers, we would like to offer more opportunities to gain practical teaching experience as part of their continuing professional development.

There are some channels that are open to public, so please have a look :)

If you have questions and requests, please feel free to let us know anytime at or send us a message on our Discord and Patreon page please.

We always appreciate the fact that you became interested in our language and genuinely hope that you continue to be.

Enhancing your learning experience is second to none.

Thank you so much for your support!

We are looking forward to welcoming you to our community :)