2024-02-09 16:41:00

The current organisational structure

Hi everyone,

How are you?

This is Masa, the TikToker :)

Since the establishment of Asao in May 2014, we have been gradually increasing the number of our services.
Today what we offer is a little more diverse than it used to be so I would like to take this opportunity to clarify who your point of contact will be, depending the service of our interest.

Yuka sensei, mainly looks after Aspiring Japanese Teachers project.
It is a project that support Japanese Learners, Trainee/Certified Japanese Teachers and Conversation Partners on Discord through Patreon.

Aiko sensei, mainly looks after Trainee/Certified/Top Japanese Teacher Training and Recruitment online and in person.

Taito sensei, mainly looks after monthly Cultural / Social Activity online and in person including Pub Night.

Akiko sensei, mainly looks after monthly Top and Certified Japanese Teacher Meeting and general inquiries from Certified Japanese Teachers online. 

anmi, mainly looks after Design, Video Editing and Video Production online. 

Hiroko san, mainly looks after Accounting online.

And me , mainly looks after Asao Language School project. It is a project that supports Japanese Learners and Top Japanese Teachers online, at our classrooms and the locations of your choice.

There are a few more services that we offer as one organisation but the mentioned above are the main ones that are related Japanese language learning :)

We are always happy to welcome your questions and requests. If you have one, please feel free to let us know anytime!