2024-02-03 01:23:00

TikTok Live - in progress

Hi everyone,

This's is Masa.

How are you?
How's studying going?

If you have seen my previous posts here and at, you know how dismally I failed to offer my first live streaming on TikTok...
Apparently you need at least 50 followers to go on live, so I'll keep coming up with ideas and posting til I reach it :)
Wish me luck please!

Our very first event of this year is coming up on Sunday the 11th of February. If you happen to be available in Tokyo, please join us :) It's going to be a lot of fun as we are trying a Mochi Pounding!
It's a traditional way of celebrating the beginning of a new year in Japan and it is quite a rare opportunity these days to actually pound. It requires a few preparations to make it happen so if you have some free time, do pop in please :)
We did this 3 and a half years ago before covid hit and it was very successful. It's going to be a lot of fun again so don't miss it!

Looking forward to seeing you!