2023-12-31 16:54:00

Focus 1

Hi everyone,

This is Masa.

How are you?
How's your winter break going?
I hope you are having fun :)

I have taken a moment to think through what I should focus on first in 2024.

Setting priorities of the day became an essential daily routine for me 8 months ago when I became a father.

In 2024, I will first try live streaming on YouTube.

I will give it a go because so I could potentially support more people.
Each streaming can be as long as 60 minutes, in English or a mix of English and Japanese, once a week. 
I will welcome individual requests and questions from the viewers at the beginning and then move on to work a grammar point together with the viewers.
I should probably start with N4 as it covers N5 and also teaches the foundation of Japanese grammar before you move onto N3.

I hope this helps you to have further insights into Japanese language and culture and to rediscover the joy of language acquisition :)

Let me talk to Yuka sensei to fix the details and I will make an announcement :)

See you next year!