2023-12-11 10:20:00

Bits and Bobs - 1

Hi everyone

How are you?

This is Masa from administration :)

Since the start of our community, I have been lazy to work on our main website πŸ˜… but I have finally decided to do it!

I will make updates bits by bits to gradually build it.

I have been ignorant about "website" partly because I also wanted to see how far we can go without it.

The website was originally made to reach out to those who are learning English so it was never really meant to be for those who are in need of Japanese lessons πŸ˜…

These days, as you all know, we can rely a lot on other free commercial medias like Facebook and Instagrams and so on.

And, as far as we are concerned, it worked!

In May 2024, Asao Language School will be marking 10th anniversary. We are planning to try new ideas as evey year so stay tuned!