2024-06-13 12:51:00

Certified Japanese Teachers - 11

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This is Masa :)
How's everything going?

During our monthly teachers meeting, we came across a couple of free study materials that are available online. They might be worth having a look at.

1. TADOKU Supporters

A group of Japanese teachers in Shinjuku produce their original books to encourage learners to read more.
If you click the link below and scroll down, there are 15 of them. They also come with audio.

2. NHK World Japan

Japan Broadcasting Corporation produces a role-play type of lessons on video for practical daily phrases. There are 48 of them. You can look at the script as you play the video.

3. Kobe International Community Center
They produce their own textbook. There are 12 units in it. It also comes with audio.

They do not follow the JLPT framework but for general studies. 1 and 2 can be used for self study and 3 is a pure classroom material. So you will probably need a help from your teacher with 3 :)

The photo is from Ayako Shimoyama sensei and here is her introduction.

She mainly teaches online :)
If you look up her name on Discord, you will find her name offering lessons both in First Craic and Second Craic.
She has been teaching with us for a few years now. If you have a chance, please say hello to her and try her lessons. She is one of the popular teachers for conversation lessons.

Hope the information helps!