2024-06-01 14:15:00

Cultural / Social Activity in June 2024

Hi everyone!

How are you?

This is Masa. How's your studying going?

I would like to let you know in advance that, for this month's event, we are going to join the Yuuzenn Dyeing workshop organised by World Unite

It is a specific traditional dyeing method that is often used to dye Kimono and Obi (kimono belt) :)

It's going to be from 13:00 - 15:00 on Saturday 22 June. The venue is the event space inside their shared house in Kiba. The address is as follows.

Would you be interested?

If so, please sign up and let's meet at 12:30 at the entrance of the venue and go in together as a group :)

Aiko sensei, Akiko sensei and I will be joining for sure, and other teachers may also.

We need to let the organiser know how many of us will be there so if you are interested, please let either Yuka sensei at or Taito sensei at know.

The participation fee they set is 1100 yen per person.

It's going to be fun!

Looking forward to seeing you!