2024-04-16 14:17:00

Certified Japanese Teachers - 10

Hi everyone,

How are you?

This is Masa.

How's your Japanese studying going?

First of all, thank you so much for joining us for the Pub Night in March
We hope you enjoyed it :)

Our next event will be held on Saturday the 27th of April. We are planning to have a short day trip to the city of Odawara. We will be visiting the castle and the fish market by the bay and have a barbecue with fresh seafood there.

These are the photos from our last trip to Odawara in 2019.
It was a lot of fun!

If a few people are interested in the idea, we will go ahead with it :)

Please contact either me at or Taito sensei at or on his Line to let us know if you are interested by Wednesday the 17th!

The photo is from Takashi Uematsu sensei and here is his introduction.

He teaches lessons with us both in person and online :)
He is also actively offering lessons on Discord. Outside our Discord community, he is popular with those who are studying JLPT Preparation, BJT Preparation and Business Japanese. If you want to work on your honorific Japanese or some practical Japanese that are required in the business scenes, please try his lesson :)

Looking forward to hearing from you!