2024-03-19 09:37:00

A quick heads up on our classroom in Shinjuku

Hi everyone,

How's your studying going?

Today, we would like to share with you an update regarding our classroom in Shinjuku.

We have been informed that the management company is soon refurbishing the 43 year old building where our classroom is located.

We have therefore decided to relocate ourselves to avoid the hustle and bustle :)

If you have your regular lessons at our current location, you have probably noticed that there are already constructions going on on both sides of the building and they are going to work on ours as well.

We have been using the classroom since the start of Asao project.
With lots of memories, we feel a little nostalgic letting it go but we believe this will bring us all a positive change in the end.

We'll let you know the details of our temporary and new locations individually by email.

This will not affect your regular and new lesson schedule :)

Looking forward to seeing you at the Pub Night!