2024-03-08 17:43:00

Cultural / Social Activity in March 2024 - Asao Pub Night

Hi everyone,

How are you?
How's your studying going?

I just wanted to give you a quick heads up on our monthly event :)

The next one, Asao Pub Night, is going to take place from 19:30 on Friday the 29th of March. It is a casual get together that welcomes Japanese learners and teachers.

We will have a chat to get to know each other a little over a drink or tea at a selected pub in the city :)

The venue we are considering at the moment is the following place in Mitsukoshimae

It's a shop as well as a restaurant that sells regional foods and products from Mie prefecture.

Ryo Takasugi san, the owner of Okumatsusaka visited the place after the Mochi Pounding event and he recommends it. The pricing is wonderful too!

Soon, Yuka sensei will be making an announcement confirming the details :)

Looking forward to seeing you!