2024-02-28 12:31:00

Certified Japanese Teachers - 8

Hi everyone!

How are you?

This's Masa. How's studying going?

Thank you so much for joining us for our first event of the year, Mochi Pounding. How are your shoulders and back? Mine took me days to recover 😭

1. As I said, a real mochi pounding is becoming quite a rare activity these days in Japan as it requires a lot of preparation. This time, we rented the full set of tools from a company called Fujita They are very helpful and friendly people with a good offer, so if you by any chance plan to organise one yourself, please contact them or let me know. I will be happy to help :)

The next event will be a Pub Night in March. We'll share the details on social medias. I hope you can make it!

2. On another note, as I shared in the job channel, my friend Ryo Takasugi san is currently looking for new people who would like to join him in Matsuzaka city.

There is also another friend of mine, Shouhei san who is looking for new talent in Tokyo. He is a mutual friend of Ryo san and I. Both of them are happy to look into your visa situation also. If you are interested 😌

3. The photo is from Keiko Okada sensei and here is her introduction. She is mainly active in Second Craic at the moment. With a plenty of teaching experience, she teaches at 2 schools, Asao and another. If you come across her name on Discord, please say hello. She will be delighted to welcome you 😊

That's it for today!